About us

Proud partner and exclusive supplier of Scaffom-rux scaffolding solutions in Romania.

Our vision

As part of the BTDConstruct & Ambient Group, we go above & beyond to satisfy our client’s needs.

We’re committed to becoming the number one supplier of scaffolding solutions in Romania.

Our values

Design & build

Smart design & reliable build are the foundation of our business.


Efficiency is our top priority, be it your budget or your timeline.

Safety first

Always in line with the latest EU standards, your crew is safe with us.


We believe in long-term strategies that create value.

Waste efficient

Minimal waste & environmental impact with our advanced technologies.

Our added value

First and foremost, we believe in our products, which are of the highest quality and safety standards. We offer a wide variety of scaffolding, shoring and framework systems that are in line with the latest environmental regulations. Sustainability and waste-management are key factors for our business model.

We provide systems that were designed and built for flexible and versatile usage, but also technical support and training from our leading team of experts. We want to make sure our clients receive not only the best product, but also all the information and support that they need.

We take pride in the reliability of both our products and our promises. Our goal is to develop long-lasting relationships with our customers by offering integrated services that tend to their particular needs and are cost-efficient.

No matter the size of the project, we aim to build long term.

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